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About a year ago, a friend of mine was thinking about enclosing her patio and adding a room to her home. Fast forward and the room is now complete. Once a home area is made new, it is easy to notice other parts of the home that could use refreshing. This amazing addition led to other changes like updating granite, backsplash, and adding home accessories, which includes faux floral.

Last week we braved through afternoon thunderstorm predictions and dark clouds to shop popular Denver home stores known for quality faux floral.

The arrangements were STUNNING and we were STUNNED by the price tags!! A scary twigged wreath with grape garland was priced at $135. A small vase with a few florals was priced at $95. Often I have seen faux floral in vases that appear as if water is in the container. Click HERE for an image. This is known as simulated water. These new floral looks along with popular succulents in distressed wood containers (blog photo) can be priced in the hundreds of dollars!!

Top row pics above show DIY results after deciding to make rather than buy anything already created. The store did carry the vase without the faux arrangement for $12, which my friend gratefully was able to purchase. The total cost to purchase supplies for the wreath around the glass cake server and the small vase florals came to just under $50.00 (including the vase) vs $187.

Below are a few DIY tips.

  • Simulated water kits are about $14.00. Although there may be other ways to make simulated water including clear jello mixed at home, you want to be sure it doesn’t yellow.
  • Best to use floral that is not plastic for a realistic look. Silks can be pricey. Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry realistic looking florals at good prices.
  • Internet search floral styles you like and be inspired by flower arrangements you can duplicate with faux options. Save the pictures on your cell phone so when you are ready to shop you can come close to the inspired look based on what is available at the store.
  • Succulents that look real are pricey. Hobby Lobby carries the most authentic looking at the best prices. Michaels carries decent succulents as well. Take your time and every week use the Hobby Lobby or Michaels one-item regular priced coupon to build your ideal arrangement. The wood boxes can be purchased at craft stores unless you are able to make your own. Succulents also look great in ceramic vases and metal containers. Using copper containers could be amazing! Succulent arrangements are a popular design this year and, WOW, prices are quite high if you purchase already made. How To Make The Perfect DIY Artificial Succulent Arrangement is a great resource!
  • Fall and holiday floral are on sale now as a pre-season purchase. You might be able to save between 40-50%. Just saw the sale at Michaels this week.

Suggested items for a faux floral arrangement:

  • Wire Cutters (so you don’t damage your household scissors)
  • Floral Foam Bricks 
  • Glue Gun
  • Photos of inspired designs
  • Simulated water resin kit, if going in this direction
  • Moss or rocks
  • Vase/container (interesting vases available as shown lower left blog picture)
  • Large working space protected with a plastic tablecloth
  • Garbage container close by, as this can get messy

You, too, can create your own faux floral arrangements customized to your style, colors, and size for the perfect home fit. All it takes is some time to identify what you want to design, purchasing the needed items, having a well-lit and spacious working area and a little patience. You can’t beat the price of DIY! Your result…a STUNNING frugal floral!

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