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Take It High And Wide!

This past summer, as mentioned in a previous post, I took a basic interior design course. The instructor shared simple home modifications that can make an impressive difference whether looking to make home spaces appear larger, embracing small spaces for a cozy feel, or finding balance with color and prints. The class uncovered a few needed home projects. Determined to solve morning sun issues as well as creating balance and functionality for the main living space, new rod and drapery panels made it on my TO DO list.

Before DIY Project

Problem. The back wall of windows to our home is like a magnet to the morning sun, which can be bright and blinding, facing northeast. The existing drapery panels and rod with brackets were not working out so well. The brackets failed to support the weight of the panels. Also, the room didn’t feel balanced, with panels hanging directly around the slider doorframe.

Solution. After thorough resourcing, online/store shopping, planning, careful selection and work, I am enjoying new drapery panels beautifully enhancing the main floor living space. The room now has a definite focal point, going high and wide for balance and functionality to block morning sun as well as selecting complimentary fabric that works with existing furniture. If you are considering a room facelift, the process I followed is listed at the end of this article along with hyperlinked resources.

Industrial Plumbers Pipe Rod

Highlighting a project favorite, the industrial plumbers pipe used for the rod gives a
clean look (without brackets) and sturdy enough to support the weight of panels. DIY steps along with instructional resources are listed below. Recommend using a referred Interior Designer if this type of DIY is not your thing. You will want to do this right the first time around, so if professional assistance is needed, then do so. This DIY project cost under $500 for 10 feet of plumbers pipe, flanges, elbows, nipples along with 17 yards of fabric and accessories to sew drapery panels. Custom quotes averaged $1,800 just for drapery panels.

Wall With A View

It was exciting to immediately apply what was taught during the summer design class. Slight modifications changed the feel and look of the main floor living space by adding a unique rod, functional and designer style drapery panels, which when placed higher and wider than the windows, professionally accents the wall with a view. You can refresh the look of your home by updating window treatments or simply adding panels to stylize what is already in your home. Remember, take it high and wide, add that industrial rod, and, enjoy the feel of added space without the need for home construction.

Drapery Panels, DIY or Store Bought

Identify the working space

  • Focal point?
  • Adding panels on the right wall (side window)…not necessary
  • Space behind the chairs too tight for panels, not allowing adequate fabric stacking

Determine the height, width, and quantity of your panels

  • Guideline link for hanging drapery
  • Drapery/panels extend beyond the window frame, height and width, illusion of higher ceiling and wider room
  • Best to work in odd numbers for drapery panels; 3, 5, etc.

Choosing the rod

  • Determine rod length and placement
  • Rod could have been pieced across the room, 25-foot piece
  • I chose 2 piece rod… 8 ft extending beyond slider frame and 2 ft accommodating far left panel

Industrial Plumbers Pipe Rod 

  • Best instruction DIY Plumber Pipe Curtain Rod
  • DIY – made my own – 2 rods; 2 ft and 8 ft. approximately $45, purchased at Lowe’s Plumbing Dept; 10 ft, 3/4 inch galvanized pipe cut and threaded at no charge
  • Spray painted using Hammered color spray paint and 4 hours to dry
  • Option: Purchasing finished industrial plumber rod – online vendors can be pricey; best pricing and sizing I was able to find… Houzz

Fabric Selection and Drapery Panels

Processed with MOLDIV
Choose fabric that works well with existing upholstery, in color and print size, for balance. Mix Fabrics Like A Pro
  • DIY panels –  How To Make Lined Pinch Pleat Drapes
  • Fabric ordered through Hobby Lobby; guaranteed all 17 yards delivered in one continuous roll  (not guaranteed by every online fabric store – disaster if making drapery)
  • French pleat tape ordered through Amazon and followed this instruction video
  • Other options – Purchase finished drapery panels available in a variety of lengths, widths, and styles; French pleat, grommet, rod pocket, ring & clip, etc.
    1. Bed, Bath and Beyond (save those coupons) input criteria online and narrow down options –  custom made available
    2. Pottery Barn has an impressive selection
    3. Work through a referred Interior Designer

Additional Resources