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About a year ago, a friend of mine was thinking about enclosing her patio and adding a room to her home. Fast forward and the room is now complete. Once a home area is made new, it is easy to notice other parts of the home that could use refreshing. This amazing addition led to other changes like updating granite, backsplash, and adding home accessories, which includes faux floral.

Last week we braved through afternoon thunderstorm predictions and dark clouds to shop popular Denver home stores known for quality faux floral.

The arrangements were STUNNING and we were STUNNED by the price tags!! A scary twigged wreath with grape garland was priced at $135. A small vase with a few florals was priced at $95. Often I have seen faux floral in vases that appear as if water is in the container. Click HERE for an image. This is known as simulated water. These new floral looks along with popular succulents in distressed wood containers (blog photo) can be priced in the hundreds of dollars!!

Top row pics above show DIY results after deciding to make rather than buy anything already created. The store did carry the vase without the faux arrangement for $12, which my friend gratefully was able to purchase. The total cost to purchase supplies for the wreath around the glass cake server and the small vase florals came to just under $50.00 (including the vase) vs $187.

Below are a few DIY tips.

  • Simulated water kits are about $14.00. Although there may be other ways to make simulated water including clear jello mixed at home, you want to be sure it doesn’t yellow.
  • Best to use floral that is not plastic for a realistic look. Silks can be pricey. Hobby Lobby and Michaels carry realistic looking florals at good prices.
  • Internet search floral styles you like and be inspired by flower arrangements you can duplicate with faux options. Save the pictures on your cell phone so when you are ready to shop you can come close to the inspired look based on what is available at the store.
  • Succulents that look real are pricey. Hobby Lobby carries the most authentic looking at the best prices. Michaels carries decent succulents as well. Take your time and every week use the Hobby Lobby or Michaels one-item regular priced coupon to build your ideal arrangement. The wood boxes can be purchased at craft stores unless you are able to make your own. Succulents also look great in ceramic vases and metal containers. Using copper containers could be amazing! Succulent arrangements are a popular design this year and, WOW, prices are quite high if you purchase already made. How To Make The Perfect DIY Artificial Succulent Arrangement is a great resource!
  • Fall and holiday floral are on sale now as a pre-season purchase. You might be able to save between 40-50%. Just saw the sale at Michaels this week.

Suggested items for a faux floral arrangement:

  • Wire Cutters (so you don’t damage your household scissors)
  • Floral Foam Bricks 
  • Glue Gun
  • Photos of inspired designs
  • Simulated water resin kit, if going in this direction
  • Moss or rocks
  • Vase/container (interesting vases available as shown lower left blog picture)
  • Large working space protected with a plastic tablecloth
  • Garbage container close by, as this can get messy

You, too, can create your own faux floral arrangements customized to your style, colors, and size for the perfect home fit. All it takes is some time to identify what you want to design, purchasing the needed items, having a well-lit and spacious working area and a little patience. You can’t beat the price of DIY! Your result…a STUNNING frugal floral!

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Best NATURAL Clean!!

Natural Clean Glass Large CIrcle _edited-1

Lately, when using store bought cleaning products, I feel the effect of chemicals. My nose becomes itchy and my throat, sore. Also, I notice an annoying film buildup on my counters and floors. This past February I decided to make my own natural cleaning product. It feels good to have the assurance that the product is truly chemical free and the ingredients won’t leave a residue. Discovered one solution can work for granite countertops, stainless steel, ceramic, porcelain, and wood!

Online research and experimenting with a few test products, I created an all-purpose cleaning solution. After using this product since February of 2017, I am ready to share it. The total cost for a 16 oz bottle is about $.70 not including the spray bottle container. AMAZING!

I call this product…Natural Clean. My stainless steel SHINES like no other product ever used! Glass (including car windows – the ultimate test) comes out STREAK-FREE. Granite countertops SPARKLE, as does porcelain and ceramic. Wood furniture and floors look INCREDIBLE and I find my floors no longer pick up dust on every pair of shoes that walk through the door. When products leave a residue, everything sticks either from the bottom of shoes to fingerprints on stainless steel appliances.

What You Should Know

  • Essential oils are natural but they can be toxic to children, adults and pets. So, even though this cleaning product is “natural” please keep it and the individual ingredients used to make the solution AWAY from children and pets. Click this LINK about the safety of using essential oils.
  • Citrus-based oils (sweet orange, blood orange, bitter orange, lemon, grapefruit, lime, lemongrass, bergamot, tangerine) and white vinegar are acidic. Ultimately, using these ingredients could affect the top coating of furniture, floors, ceramic, marble and granite, dulling the surface. BEST to keep the product acid free, even through you are using a minimal amount for each 16 oz bottle. For this reason, I don’t use citrus based oils or vinegar in the product.
  • Witch hazel and essential oils used provide a naturally mild antibacterial disinfectant. However, if I accidently spill raw chicken or meat juices on my counter or sink, I will use Clorox wipes or 1 part bleach and 10 parts water to fully disinfect the surface.
  • ALWAYS test in a small area for comparison to see if there is an undesirable result. Only you know about the floors, appliances, furniture, and counter-tops in your home. Find a small test area and use the product over 4 weeks to be sure the only result is a desirable one!!
  • If you already have build-up, especially on your counters and stainless steel, you will notice residue when you first use this cleaning product. It will take a few cleanings to no longer see that awful film. Get ready for some work!
  • A funnel works great to get Distilled water and Witch Hazel through narrow bottle openings.
  • Best to always use a clean cotton cloth. These cloths from, Galaxy Glass Cleaning Towels, 18-Pack GT18,  are the ones I use.

Natural Clean Recipe

  • 16 oz spray bottle
  • Distilled Water – 14 oz
  • ¼ cup (2 oz) Witch Hazel
  • 20 Drops of Essential Oil – Lavender
  • 15 Drops of Essential Oil – Cloves
  • Always shake well before using.

Essential Oil Combinations

Experiment and come up with your own favorites or Internet search and find combinations to try.

  • 20 drops of Peppermint, 15 drops of Eucalyptus
  • 20 drops Lavender, 15 drops Eucalyptus
  • 20 drops Lavender, 15 drops cloves
  • 15 drops Cinnamon, 15 drops Cloves, 5 drops Lavender


Can I use tap water? You can. I find distilled water is best. Tap water can leave residue. Where I live the water is HARD and it does streak and leave build-up over time. Distilled water is typically .99 cents/gallon jug at the grocery store.

What is Witch Hazel and where can it be purchased? Witch Hazel is a plant-based topical ingredient processed through steam distillation from the bark and leaves of the witch hazel plant. It can be found in the pharmacy section of most grocery stores, Walmart and Target. Click HERE to see it at Walmart online.

Where can I find essential oils? Local grocery stores carry essential oils in the pharmacy section. You can also purchase online. There are many levels of quality and organic oils are also available. This blog ONLY covers its use in cleaning products and therefore the oils do not need to be high quality or pricey.

Where can I find spray containers? Local grocery stores carry empty spray containers with soft spray nozzle heads and those that can easily adjust to a sharp spray for large area cleaning. Otherwise, take your favorite spray bottle, clean it well and use it. Remember to adjust the recipe to the size bottle you are using.

Should the container be glass to avoid plastic bottle deterioration? Since this blog only covers essential oil use in cleaning products and it is significantly diluted with distilled water and witch hazel, plastic and specifically PET bottles are fine. Essential oils are potent and typically when storing undiluted oils, glass or aluminum is recommended.

Can you use rubbing alcohol in place of Witch Hazel? To me, rubbing alcohol is toxic, so I don’t.

This product cleans well, has an awesome aroma, and I use it to clean my jewelry, too! Love the incredible feeling, knowing, I am protecting my home from unnecessary chemicals and the cleaning solution result is far better than any other cleaning product I have previously used!! Give it a try and enjoy a clean home with an aroma that will make you feel “naturally” good and leave your home NATURAL CLEAN!







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Spray, Save, and Chic!

On a windy summer day that began unseasonably cool at 44 degrees (while the rest of the country is in sweltering heat), I felt inspired to tackle an at-home project. The result – creative, functional, and $$$ saving!

If you have an old set of tired chargers in your cabinet, this blog could inspire you! Such a well-used set, in bright gold, has been in my cabinet for many years. Some of the gold has been peeling off, revealing dark patches and scratches. When preparing to entertain I always inspect the chargers so the one with the most scratches is designated to my place at the table :), for obvious reasons.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a very cool spray paint color, Hammered by Rust-Oleum. I spray painted my worn chargers and LOVE the look. The spray paint only cost $5.99, updated the look of my chargers, and they now appear like new!! Since my backyard deck is already covered with paint tarp and there is a nice cool breeze (great ventilation when spray painting), I decided to also spray paint an old picture frame, paint the frame’s glass with chalkboard paint, and spray paint a plastic platter from the Dollar Store, ideal to use as a charger. Imagine purchasing 12 Dollar Store platters plus $5.99 (cost of spray paint) and the total pre-tax cost is $17.99 for a set of 12, customized to your color preference. This is a bargain!! The blog photo above illustrates the before and after. After photo, the dollar store find is to your left and the traditional charger is shown on the right.

Here are some things to know.

  • Always cover your entire workspace with drop cloths and best to spray where the breeze won’t carry the paint towards you, other outdoor furniture or carpeting.
  • Wear gloves, a mask, and, cover your hair. (Sharing from experience!!)
  • Purchase two cans of spray paint. Better to have more paint than run dry in the middle of a project. You can always take back the second can if it isn’t used.
  • Lightly buff what you plan to spray paint with fine sandpaper, to hold the paint.
  • Follow spray paint safety instructions and hold the can 6 to 12 inches away to avoid dripping. Allow 2-3 hours to fully dry.
  • Most chargers already have a solid black underside, so only the front side needs painting.
  • Dollar Store plastic clear platters only need to be painted on the backside as the color shows nicely through. Suggest two coats of paint, drying in-between.
  • Never use spray painted chargers to serve food, hot or cold, because it is not safe. Spray painted chargers are only to be used for home décor purposes.
  • Best not to have children around when spray painting, protecting them from strong paint odor and flyaway particles.
  • When using chalkboard paint on glass, suggest two coats and allow drying in-between. Also, always paint in one direction. I prefer horizontal strokes.
  • Never store drop cloths that are still wet with spray paint. Let cloths fully dry and follow safety storage guidelines by calling your local paint store.

This project is so simple and quick. Get creative and customize a one-of-a-kind table setting. Consider a head start now, planning your holiday table décor, especially if you want to grab the Dollar Store clear round platters that are currently available! Join in on the inspiration and SPRAY, SAVE, and CHIC your dining décor to be as unique as you!!

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Perfect Pouch For My Pooch!


Summer means outdoors and long walks. Often, these walks are with my dog, Marlee, who loves being out, sniffing the landscape and greeting every person who passes by! Walking gets complicated holding the leash with one hand, doggy potty bags in a Velcro container around the leash or the bag simply knotted on the leash, and of course, a cell phone in the other hand. Marlee does her business and suddenly sees a friend, pulling hard on the leash. Now I’m pulling back on the leash while trying to clean “the business” when the cell phone slips, and, in what appears to be slow motion it begins falling on to the walkway just off the grassy area!! This has happened to me so many times, with that inner voice begging for the screen to be intact and nothing cracked. And, as you might guess…the falling phone doesn’t always end well.

A year ago, determined to find a solution since not all my summer clothes have pockets, I found the perfect fix…leather pouches with a decent strap!! I purchased two different styles and both work great. The Big Dragon Fly Universal (brown one) has an extra pocket LINK and the Xhorizon TM FLK Leather Neck Pouch LINK comes in a variety of colors. Women or men can use both styles. I haven’t dropped my phone since. I have the Big Dragon Fly and it is perfect for my house keys, cell phone, and doggy bags. A friend of mine chose the Xhorizon TM FLK and loves it!! I have also used this pouch to go on a long walk alone, on a hike, and out with friends when I don’t want to bring my handbag. I’m able to fit my small coin pursue, drivers license, cell phone and lip-gloss! The price of these pouches is awesome at just below $10 each. The quality has been amazing since my pouch still looks like new and I use it often.

During summer months I want to have my necessities with me, ideally to strap around my shoulder and be hands free. I’m able to react quickly if needed, when walking my dog, Marlee, to keep her safe when my hands aren’t trying to juggle too many things at once. And, I am able to answer my cell phone, if waiting on a call. These pouches are a bargain; very reasonable purchase price and saves $$$ from having to replace a cracked cell phone screen that unfortunately met it’s demise when landing on pavement! This is the perfect pouch for my pooch, Marlee, and me!

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Summer Fleece Makes Winter Cozy!

You may want to read about fleece and faux fur even when temperatures and humidity are rising. Why??? The BEST and most COZY of all blankets are made from these fabrics and summer means sales! The fleece throws are awesome for adults, kids, and babies! Pets LOVE them, too!!

Many years ago, frustrated that I couldn’t find a functional size and comfortable winter blanket that works with my home decor, I purchased anti-pill fleece, 2 yards of print and 2 yards of solid. Trimming raw edges and with right sides together also trimmed the excess that didn’t align. A quick pin, I machine stitched with a 7-inch opening. Pulled the right side of the fabric through the opening and then closed with simple hand stitching. The perfect blanket was born! So easy and so comfy!! It didn’t take long for this blanket to be coveted by family and friends. And, yes, the dog became possessive over this awesome find, which in his mind appeared on the sofa so it must be his!!

Through the years these blankets have evolved and have been gifted to family (immediate & extended), many friends, newborns, and pets, ours and others!!! I also have had requests for more. Below is a list of different options, in order of popularity. Note: Anti-pill fleece (LINK)  won’t fuzz or ball after washings. Merchant website computer screen colors do not show well so best to purchase in-store rather than online.

  1. Anti-pill printed fleece with a Faux Fur Fabric – Swirl design, LINK 
  2. Luxury Faux Fur Fabric Chevron (LINK) design with a solid anti-pill printed fleece
  3. Anti-Pill printed fleece with a solid anti-pill printed fleece, LINK
  4. Anti-pill printed fleece with a complimentary color printed anti-pill fleece for the backside, LINK
  5. HEAVY blanket anti-pill printed fleece with a heavy Fashion-Faux-Fox-Fur, LINK

The photos on this blog illustrate the options except for (2). In all cases the faux fur is used for the backside of the blanket, with (2) being the exception, intended for the front side. At the time of this published blog, Joann Fabrics has 40% off on most of their fleece plus an additional 20% off total purchase. Also, suggest checking Wal-Mart yardage where everyday prices are similar to 40-50% sale prices elsewhere. The selection at Wal-Mart can be hit or miss and mostly juvenile prints but I have had great luck with their faux fur!

It’s best to shop for fleece and faux fur before inventory runs low and your selection becomes limited. Fall and winter birthdays along with thinking ahead for Christmas gifts are great reasons to design and make the perfect blankets now. Summer purchases make for a very COZY winter!!

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Rug to the Rescue!

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Recently, I decided to re-organize my mudroom. In the area of Colorado where I live, this winter has been mild. We haven’t had the typical average snowfall for our area or sudden storms blowing through the neighborhood. My mudroom not being in full use, began to look like a room that needed a facelift, going from functional necessity to…”What can I do to make this both functional and attractive?”

Within a week my plan and color scheme was chosen. Purchasing all the needed storage baskets was difficult because local stores don’t always carry items in quantity. Visiting a few store locations became necessary. Once the organization was complete, it became obvious… the small doormat didn’t work visually or functionally. Looking for an affordable replacement became a mission.

A 10ft by 2 ½ ft runner would be ideal. Local stores didn’t carry this size. Online searches brought me to runners typically 8’ length with a price range starting at $150+++, far above my budget for this room, which, in a normal winter will take a beating! came to my rescue! I’ve purchased a few rugs from this online merchant and have always been pleased with quality and pricing. After doing a brief search I found my gem: Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Chocolate Contemporary Bordered Non-skid Runner Rug (2’7 x 10′). Color on a computer screen can be tricky and I was somewhat worried about the gold tone, but, I took a chance and ordered. PERFECT! The cost…$47.44 delivered. WOW! The rug completes the mudroom, is non-skid and durable to take the beating that might come next winter. AND…it didn’t break the bank!! My mudroom is now both functional and attractive and it held up well with the surprise snowstorm we had this past weekend, too!